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5 Questions To Ask Before Staining Your Fence

It's important to make the right choice if you're thinking about putting up a fence in your front yard. You will have that fence for many years to come, after all, and it affects the value of your home, appearance, and protection.


We speak to many homeowners at Fresh Coat Restoration and we know that some people find the process of choosing a fence for their front-yard very difficult.


With that in mind, we thought we would use our expertise to assist you in the selection process of the front-yard fence - here are our five main questions to ask when choosing a fence for your front yard.

Will You Needing A Fence in Your Front Yard?


Usually, there is a vital reason why homeowners decide to build a barrier. Sometimes it is for protection, often for the purpose of improving the curb appeal of a home, increasing safety, protecting, or some combination of children and animals.

It will help you narrow down fence options to assess your fencing goals and primary motivation, simplifying the selection process. This will also help to ensure that you get a fence that suits your specifications, as such characteristics as height and materials.

Do You Want Your Fence to Comuouflage In or Stand Out?


Do you envisage a fence that catches the eye or a fence that does its job while blending into the world around it when you imagine your fence in your front yard? Figuring out the answer to this question would also help you choose a fence that suits your unique needs and desires.


Should I stain or paint the fence?

Before starting the job, this should be the first question to ask.


We think staining the fence offers better protection for you, and for a longer period of time.


Paint will crack or peel away, leaving the wood exposed to the elements' damage below.


You will need to periodically redo the work if you want to paint.


How long should I wait?

It might be an idea to leave it alone for a while before staining if your fence is a new one.


Before doing any repair work, the normal waiting period is around 60 days.


After maybe being in storage for a while, this will give the wood a chance to weather in your environment and dry out a little.


Sixty days will give the fence time to settle down and complete seasoning for the wood.

5 Questions To Ask Before Staining Your Fence

Which fencing stain should I use?

Here, the simple and obvious response is to just use the best one.


A cheaper alternative could streak, wash away, or leave lap marks in the next rainstorm.


They are for contractors to use, but the quality is so outstanding that it is also convenient for the homeowner to apply.


They are for use on the property's walls, decking, and every outdoor wood product you have.


The stains can be used safely around the family and are not harmful to the environment.

Do You Need a Fence Contractor You Can Trust?

Why pay more when you can restore? That's our motto and the way we approach every project. Fresh Coat Restoration specializes in new deck builds, new fence builds, deck repairs, fence repairs, arbor restoration, fence restoration, deck restoration, pressure washing and sealing/staining. If it's in your backyard chances are we specialize in it! When you call FCR you will be working with a licensed, insured, honest and reliable contractor with years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers.  We are the top Fencing contractor in the Vine Hill neighborhood of Martinez, California, serving the fencing installation and restoration needs of homeowners throughout Contra Costa, Solano and Alameda Counties. Contact us today to start your project!

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