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Are Metal Fences Better Than Wood?

There are two general choices available when you want to set up a privacy fence around your backyard or any part of your home: wood and metal. Both have the advantages and drawbacks that you need to be aware of in order to help you determine which clamping material is better suited to your needs.


Wood Fencing

You're probably a bit more familiar with the wood fencing, since it's one of the most widely used fence materials. For its classic, natural look, relatively low cost and variety of design choices, many enjoy wood fencing. The most popular forms of wooden fences include wooden privacy fences, wooden picket fences, and wooden post and rail fences. Wood fencing is generally used in residential and agricultural settings, and less commonly in commercial or industrial settings. Wood fencing is usually made of a mixture of 2x4s, 4x4s, 6x6s, 1x6s or 1x4s.


Key attributes for wood fencing include:

  • Wood fencing is a broad concept that encompasses a range of materials – there are many types of wood that can be used in the construction of a fence. However, the most widely used will be Pressure Treated Pine and Cedar, depending on your location. In many places, it is important to use only Pressure Treated Pine for posts sitting in the dirt, as they seem to hold up better over time.

  • Wood fencing should be painted or stained / sealed around one month after installation to protect it from the weather. This is crucial to provide an estimation of the cost of your wood fence project in your wood fence, as many fence construction companies would not provide this service. Staining / painting would usually add $7 – $12 / foot to the total cost of your wood fence.

  • Wood fencing can be constructed to suit almost any residential function, from keeping dogs or children safe, to privacy fencing, to picket fences designed to enhance the appearance of the house.

  • While it is widely considered to be one of the most cost-effective fencing options available on the front, wood fencing requires a bit of long-term maintenance. It is important to know that wood fencing can warp over time and require repairs. In addition , it is important to seal or stain your fence in order to slow down the rotting process and protect it from the elements. These are all extra costs that you should consider before going ahead with a wood fence.

And with these advantages, you should know some disadvantages to the wooden fences.

  • Wood needs to be maintained periodically. You will need to polish or paint the fence regularly to help preserve its beauty and protect the wood from rot and pests.

  • Wood would inevitably wear out and have to be replaced. Even with routine maintenance, the elements can prevail and force you to install a new fence at some point.

Metal Fencing

You have a range of choices available in aluminum metal for wrought iron and chain link. Some of the advantages of choosing a metal fence for your home include:

  • Metal fences need little to no maintenance. The metals are coated to resist corrosion and rust.

  • Metal fences can be tougher in severe weather. Chain connection and wrought iron operate better against strong winds, hail, and other extreme weather.

  • Metal fences can last longer than wood. The metal is more robust and appears to last longer.


Like the wooden fences, the metal fences also have their drawbacks.

  • Metal fences have a higher upfront initial investment. Although they do cost a little more, bear in mind that the maintenance costs are lower and that the fence will last longer.

  • Designs of metal fences will restrict the styles and types of fences for your home.

  • Fence repairs may have been more cumbersome. Normally, metal fences come in panel pieces, and if part of a portion is broken, the entire panel must be replaced.


Both wood and metal have special advantages and disadvantages. If you're on the fence about which material to use, the alternative that some people are using is a combination of metal and wood to create unique fence designs for their homes.

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