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Can A Fence Be Installed In One Day?

Fence-building is usually a custom-made work. You have to realize, therefore, that numerous factors contribute to the length of any fence project. Building a simple wooden fence between 100 and 200-foot yards with normal ground conditions takes between two and four days.


This estimation includes the demolition of the old fence and post-installation washing. However, it does not take into account any of the common modifications made during fence construction projects.


Factors to Take into Account When Estimating Installation Time

  • Yard Size - The total size of the yard is between 100 and 200 feet of fence. If your yard is slightly smaller or bigger, change the project timeline accordingly.

  • Design Complexity - Simple fences are simpler to install than complex fences. If you want a custom wooden fence, you will need to provide additional time for custom woodwork to be done.

  • Ground Condition - If the installers crash into underground boulders, concrete slabs, dense tree roots, or clay deposits, the construction would be damaged by these conditions. In certain cases , the process of removing these barriers doubles the time it takes to complete the fence construction.

  • Weather - Fence installation is a manual intensive process. Installers working on a warm , sunny day will often do better than those working in rainy or snowy weather.

  • Material Delays - Homeowners searching for specialized materials may have to wait for them to arrive in stock. Installers should be able to procure supplies within a specified timeline, although this depends on the availability of the material and the distance to be transported.

  • Property Location - Travel time over several 8-hour working days will add up , making extra days required when working on remote properties.

  • Retaining Walls and Other Extras - Building a simple fence on a flat field is somewhat different from building retaining walls or other more complex structures. These days can be applied to the installation time depending on the specific features of the landscape in question.

  • Number of Gates - Easy fence designs require one or two gates. Projects involving more gates would stretch beyond the timeline set, as gates would take longer to be built than fence sections.

Below are some common fence construction errors homeowners make while constructing their fences and what you can do to prevent them.


Lack of Planning

Many of the big fence construction errors homeowners create revolve around the lack of planning. Before you buy fence materials and start digging, you need to take some time and really plan your fence project.

Not Checking Your Local Zoning Laws

Not all fences are approved in all regions. You need to make sure that you are under any height limits and any boundary criteria. Some places allow fencing on a property line, while others can need offset. In addition to checking your local zoning laws, also consult with your local Homeowner's Association (HOA) as they can have specific guidance on the types of fences (and, in certain instances, colors) that you should construct. If you are constructing a pool fence, you will need to ensure that your fence complies with local and/or state security codes.

Not Measuring Your Sections or Accounting for Post Holes

One of the crucial final steps before you install your fence is to know the size of the parts you're going to need to account for any inconsistencies on the front. For example, if you are installing a paddock fence that comes in 8 foot sections and your property line allows you to install a 3 foot section, you may need to change your section before you install it. You will need to know where to set up your post holes. This is why it is so necessary to calculate your fence line. Failure to account for a number of fence parts or post holes causes a lot of problems when you have to do your job again once you get mounted. Knowing where the posts are going and the amount of custom cuts in the fence section will save you a lot of time and money.

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