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Golden Hills Park is 7 acres away, the end of Bernice Lane off Blue Ridge Drive. Two lighted tennis courts, a multi-purpose facility, a toilet, a playground, a basketball court and a picnic area. Wonderful views and serenity of the open space surrounding it.


This park is set back from the streets of the neighborhood. There are two great play structures, a lot of grass to play and run, and a lot of shade. It's a super cool park, a real hidden gem. Nice large grass area perfect for soccer practice. Half of a basketball court. A small child and a larger child play structure are both very modern and neat. The park is tucked away in a quiet, tree-covered neighborhood.

It's a good park. Inside a relatively quiet residential area. They have tennis courts, a large field, a 1/2 basketball court and a bathroom. It's a slightly odd parking arrangement, but it does increase accessibility.


This can be considered positive and negative because it allows you to enter multiple ways, but it also means that there is more ground you need to pay attention to when taking your children.


Beautiful well-maintained park with a spectacular view of My Diablo from the eastern ridge. There's really a Hidden Lake here, a beautiful spot for photography. Trails are pretty easy, pretty good for almost everyone. Center Ave has a large group of picnic areas that are perfect for birthdays, showers, or family reunions. Bathrooms are available on either side of the park.

Image by Tomas Anton Escobar

Planned Improvements:

A new clubhouse will be erected, a covered picnic area in the remote corner will be removed, lighting will be improved and adjustments will be made to make Golden Hills Park more accessible to people with disabilities.


The new community room will replace the strangely configured one, and will be rectangular, with an outdoor water fountain nearby and more windows. Work will also be done on the road from Reliez Valley Road.


The remote corner picnic tables have attracted "wrong" activities, and city employees are constantly cleaning broken bottles and cans, he said. This area is also a candidate for additional lighting.

Martinez, California is blessed with so many wonderful parks you don’t want to miss:

  • Cappy Ricks Park

  • Foothills Park

  • Hidden Lakes Park

  • Hidden Valley Park

  • Highland Avenue Park

  • Holiday Highlands Park

  • John Muir Park

  • Waterfront Park   


All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location located at 111 Arthur Road in Martinez, CA 94553! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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