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Hidden Lakes Park is a twenty-six-hectare park located on Morello Avenue and Chilpancingo Parkway in Martinez, California, with a 2.9-kilometer moderately-traveled loop trail located near Martinez, California. The trail is good for all skill levels and is mainly used for hiking, walking and running. The hidden lakes park has a sand volleyball court, a multi-purpose field, a jogging track, a concession building, and a toilet. There are picnic areas in this wonderful park that come first to serve the base.


To get to the lake: take the trail to the soccer field. There are many paths, but after about ten minutes, the lake will be on your left. Lots of green algae, but it's getting nicer as you go along. When you see the fountain on the other side, you will notice that more flatlands/benches/people are able to fish. This is a lovely place as a park, hike, quiet place.

This is the perfect place to have your kid's birthday party, or to bring your family to a picnic, to take a dog on a walk, or to do some exercise every day. There are always families and dog owners out and around Hidden Valley/Lakes, so it always feels very safe. It's most beautiful when the grass is green through the winter/spring, but it's still a peaceful and rejuvenating place at any time of year.


Beautiful spot for an easy hike in the residential area of Martinez. From the parking lots, you can reach the hidden lakes in a short 10 minute walk in either direction. The park has a lovely new soccer field. They've got a snack bar, ample parking, and bathrooms. Baseball diamonds and a play structure are also available. If you walk behind them, the trails to the hills and the hidden lake lie. It's nice that you can customize it if you want a little elevation or an easy walk along the trails. The pond is gorgeous, and you can go fishing in it, too. There are a lot of photo ops with trees, ponds, and bridges all over the park.


Wonderful local park with a magnificent view of Mt Diablo. You're going to find all kinds of people here, families, kids, people with fur kids, etc. It makes for a great location if you want to have a picnic or a party (reserve with the city of martinez). The walking trails are all very interesting and the playground has all the things to make it interesting for the kids.


The little kids are playing the structure of this park so much fun. It's so small for the little kids. When a bunch of kids decide to come and play, they get a little crowded. The larger children's area is on the other side of the parking lot. It's also farthest from the bathroom, which isn't convenient when your recently trained kid has to leave.


Volleyball and soccer field in front of one of the many trails up the hill. Baseball fields are very well groomed. Basketball courts are usually packed with people shooting hoops. There's a sandy area where you can hang a volleyball net for a family picnic. Small BBQs and picnic tables are throughout. If you walk back past the soccer fields, you'll come across one of the many hidden lakes. There's a huge fountain in one, and they're stocking it with fish! This is where my son fishes. FYI is a poison oak, too. Walking the trails up the hills gives you a great view. Definitely a park worth a visit.

Martinez, California is blessed with so many wonderful parks you don’t want to miss:

  • Cappy Ricks Park

  • Foothills Park

  • Golden Hills Park

  • Hidden Valley Park

  • Highland Avenue Park

  • Holiday Highlands Park

  • John Muir Park

  • Waterfront Park   


All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location located at 111 Arthur Road in Martinez, CA 94553! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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