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Hidden Valley Park is a 16-acre park on Center Avenue and Redwood Drive. Two lighted tennis courts, a picnic area, a playground, two ball fields, toilets, bicycle/jogging paths, a 1-mile exercise course and a 2-mile walk to Hidden Lakes Park.

Picnic Areas:

Picnic Area: Beech

40 People - 1 BBQ

$150 deposit (refundable)

Martinez Resident/Nonprofit $60

Non-resident/Non-profit $120

Corporate $160

Picnic Area: Oak

75 People - 1 BBQ

$300 deposit (refundable)

Martinez Resident/Nonprofit $112.50

Non-resident/Non-profit $225

Corporate $300

Picnic Area: Poplar

100 People - 2 BBQ's

$300 deposit (refundable)

Martinez Resident/Non-profit $150

Non-resident/ Non-profit $300

Corporate $400

Picnic Area: Sycamore

100 People - 2 BBQ's

$300 deposit (refundable)

Martinez Resident/Nonprofit $150

Non-resident/Non-profit $300

Corporate $400

This park was previously featured in February after construction had begun. The total park upgrades were completed in June, adding a number of new features, such as 4 barbecue picnic areas, individual exercise stations, lighted tennis courts, and more. The building is one of the central features of the park due to its size, prominence and aesthetics. Combining strong visual design elements with practical facilities is a great approach to this type of building.

The largest portion of the building is dedicated to maintenance and mechanical rooms. This is combined into one large space in the back of the building. Two vehicle access doors make it possible for City vehicles to enter the garage and access the park. The size of the garage area makes it possible to store several maintenance vehicles. The maintenance room also has a separate area, which acts as a mechanical room. With this space, the maintenance of the toilet components is much more accessible and simple. The combined area provides plenty of space for a variety of activities to serve the park.

Image by Anthony Bautista

The bathroom portion of the building is divided into separate men's and women's facilities. As this building replaced the existing building, the City of Martinez wanted its new facility to meet the ADA accessibility standards. Romtec always provides ADA-compliant facilities and understands the code requirements for each state. The City also ranked the park's walking trails to make the entire ADA park accessible. For added durability and modern appearance, stainless steel fixtures have been used for toilets, sinks, drinking fountains and dispensers. The toilet doors included electronic locks that operate with key cards to restrict the use of the toilet to the hours of operation of the park.


The entire building consists of metal roofing, a vaulted gable, a split-sided concrete block, a board and a batten siding, and simple brown paint on key areas. These visual elements work together to create a very basic structure with a simple design, but which also includes visual interest through design. This project was a very successful one for the City of Martinez, and people using the park had positive things to say about the facility and the park improvements.

Martinez, California is blessed with so many wonderful parks you don’t want to miss:

  • Cappy Ricks Park

  • Foothills Park

  • Golden Hills Park

  • Hidden Lakes Park

  • Highland Avenue Park

  • Holiday Highlands Park

  • John Muir Park

  • Waterfront Park   


All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location located at 111 Arthur Road in Martinez, CA 94553! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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