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Highland Avenue Park is a 1⁄4-Acre park located on Highland Avenue and Merrithew Drive. Large playground, picnic area, bike racks and light paths. The picnic area is a first come first serve basis.


Why are Parks like Highland Avenue Park Important?

Parks are the heart of their communities. As such, these recreational areas should be a high priority for community planners. The importance of parks and recreation goes beyond adding green space to embellish the community. Residents, children and the local government all benefit from having a nearby park or playground.

1. Conservation of wild areas

Public parks give developers the chance to plant native flora and attract native fauna to the area. Residents are able to see which plants grow naturally in the region, while caregivers are taking advantage of the need to give less care to climate-adapted plants.Other cities can encourage migratory birds and other wildlife with watering containers and native plants that creatures eat. The creation of wildlife areas in recreation areas compensates somewhat for the habitat lost by these creatures in the construction of human homes. But the animals are not the only ones to benefit from the conservation of wildlife parks. With more wildlife in the parks, residents flock to these green areas to engage in bird watching and bird watching. By looking closely at native birds and animals, residents may be more likely to promote conservation and volunteering for nature conservation programs, especially if the park promotes such opportunities.

Image by Zac Gudakov

2. Encouraging activity in children

It's one thing to get kids to run around in a gym. However, when children get outside, the positive effects of physical activity increase. Kids who spend time outside have better test scores, fewer behavioral problems, fewer signs of ADHD, better cognitive functioning and improved self-discipline.


Getting children to play has become so important that doctors prescribe outdoor time for some of their patients as part of the National Recreation and Park Association initiative. Pediatricians have long recognized the health benefits of a park in their young patients' health.


How can you take the kids to the park? Build the playgrounds that will excite them. Think of thrilling slides and climbing nets. With the latest equipment, children can play their adventurous fantasies by sliding and climbing through a variety of challenging structures, such as those of the XGEN® line.


When planning playgrounds for children, remember toddlers and preschoolers who may be too small to access playground facilities for older children. Consider separate play areas to give these smaller children their own thrills designed for them.


3. Give Families Free Activity

Free is always the perfect price, especially for families who want to have fun without breaking the bank. Installing recreation areas in neighborhoods gives residents the opportunity to take their children without spending too much.


Children are expensive, but just because parents have both children and a budget doesn't mean that children can't have fun. Parks, especially those with innovative playgrounds, give parents a break from their usual routine. Kids get a chance to release their energy, and family budgets don't get strained, no matter how many children a family has.


Free fun fits into any kind of income. Having recreation areas in the neighborhoods ensures that all families can give their children a great time out.

Martinez, California is blessed with so many wonderful parks you don’t want to miss:

  • Cappy Ricks Park

  • Foothills Park

  • Golden Hills Park

  • Hidden Lakes Park

  • Hidden Valley Park

  • Holiday Highlands Park

  • John Muir Park

  • Waterfront Park   


All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location located at 111 Arthur Road in Martinez, CA 94553! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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