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Is it OK to stain one side of a fence?

How to Maintain Your Side of the Fence


A simple privacy fence can make a private retreat look like a home sandwiched between residences. A few feet from the property line, many homeowners install their own fence and assume complete maintenance responsibility. You may install a single fence with panels on both sides to minimize the cost of the fence if you cooperate with your neighbor. However, if you don't properly maintain your side of the fence, a good neighborly relationship might easily go south. You'll want to make sure that the fence stays in good order and that your neighborhood remains a friendly sight.

1. To avoid tall grass and weeds from slipping under the fence to the courtyard of your neighbor, mow and cut your lawn often. Rake up clippings of grass and sweep the clippings away from the fence.

2. Cut a line of edges around the fence and remove any grass under the fence. Decide whether bare soil is to be kept under the fence or add mulch. If you want to add mulch under the fence to stop weeds, make sure that the mulch on your side of the fence is replenished when necessary.

3. To sweep off any leaf litter, webs, and surface soil, brush the fence panels with a broom. You don't have to vacuum your fence on a daily basis, but check it regularly and keep your neighbor tidy.


4. To remove any debris, clean your fence a few times a year with a light pressure washer and mild detergent, if appropriate. Scrub a tiny, stiff-bristled scrub brush on any big stains or imperfections.


5. To protect the wood and avoid weathering, paint your side of the fence or stain it. If you wish, arrange with your neighbor to paint the fence at the same time, or simply to ensure that you are using the same goods.


6. On your side of the fence, patch or repair broken fence pickets and hardware. There can only be pickets on one side of the fence depending on the fence, but you can arrange a day jointly with your neighbors to handle picket, fence post and horizontal rail repairs.

Is it OK to stain one side of a fence?

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