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At the intersection of Hookston Road and Hampton Drive, the 4-acre Len Hester Park is located. This park consists of gently rolling terrain ideal for children's play with lawn and trees. A road to several picnic areas runs through the park. While at Len Hester Park, dogs must stay on leash.

A pristine, well-maintained community park that has a huge, wide-open lawn along the perimeter, plus plenty of benches and grill areas. When you visit the place, you will appreciate the fact that the place is not crowded, with undisturbed silence, and you could enjoy a takeout meal.

The lawn itself was well-groomed and there was no litter anywhere, so this looks like a great place to picnic, sunbathe, read, work remotely outside, or let the dogs run around on a leash. Best of all, there's plenty of parking up and down the length of the park.

It was clean and had BBQs on the bench/tables. The park goes back to the school yard. The neighborhood was good and peaceful. It's definitely a small park and there's no playground equipment, but living close by and getting friends over for BBQs under the tall, shady trees would be very awesome.

The little kids in this park play structure is so enjoyable. It's for kids, so it's tiny. It gets a wee bit busy when a bunch of children decide to come and play. The larger children's area is on the other side of the parking lot. It's also the nearest to the toilet.

For some much needed shade when it gets warm, there are many picnic tables and charcoal grills available and plenty of open areas with a good mix of trees. No playground stuff for kids, but maybe that's why I've never seen more than a handful of people in this park before.

When it comes to parks in the city, this place is quite a small gem. This is a nice little community park that, if you're in the city, is well maintained, shady, and good for gatherings or relaxation. It's not really worth staying here just to see it, but it is certainly a community benefit for people who live nearby.

Len Hester Park

A nice little park, since there's no parking, it's just a street parking lot. That's not a concern for me. No parking means less drivers. It's not really a children's/family park, there are no play structures or things attracting kids. It's primarily a small walking/dog park with hang-out tables. The park is really family-friendly! People want to carry their dogs, too, and there appear to be doggy play dates. Typically, there's a lot of fetch and kids running about, so it can feel very noisy.

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All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location located at 111 Arthur Road in Martinez, CA 94553! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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