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Newhall Community Park

1351 Newhall Pkwy, Concord, CA 94521, United States


Your heart will surely melt for Newhall Community Park. It is labeled as a "dog park" by most people from the neighborhood but it's seriously so much more than just that. While you will encounter your fair share of cute little doggies, you'll also be exposed to the beautiful views of Galindo Creek along with tons of active ducks and scenic walking and hiking trails.


Before you’ll start exploring other parts of the Bay, Newhall Community Park will be your go-to park for light hiking and relaxation. And while you don't get out to this park nearly as much as you usually do because of the pandemic, it always feels like you never left when you sporadically decide to make a visit. This is definitely that local gem that you wanna tell everyone about, but not really. Sometimes you just wanna be greedy and keep it all to yourself. But then, think again about how everyone should enjoy this glorious park.


You’ll definitely love going for walks here. There are two main paths that run parallel to each other that run throughout the park. You can connect here from a trail that runs through the Markham Nature Arboretum. The trail stops briefly behind Mel's Diner and picks right back up again across the street. There's a concrete hill with a gate in front. This trail will connect you right to Newhall Community Park. If you feel like you're lost, just look for a green street-like sign that says "Newhall Pk" at the top of the hill. If you keep going straight down the path, it will lead you there.


You will also love that you can veer off onto other hiking trails here too. The California Riding & Hiking Trail runs through this park too and will connect you to the Concord side of Lime Ridge Open Space. There are some great inclines that will really get your heart pumping. One of the trails actually leads to the Concord Vietnam Memorial. Also at the top of the hill are sweeping views of Mount Diablo and the rolling Contra Costa hills. The views are truly breathtaking, even in the dead of summer. Speaking of summer, it gets extremely HOT out in this area. If you plan to hit the trails when it's hot, make sure you lather up with sunscreen and bring plenty of water because most trails are exposed with minimal shade.


The actual park itself is just a darling. There's a huge grassy field and a dog pit that's perfect for wandering dog play. The ducks like to hang around in the grass too, so you might get to see them walking around. Galindo Creek sits right in the middle of the park. If you can find a nice shady spot near the creek, do it! The views of the creek are so peaceful. It's a nice place to picnic too. There's also a small playground making this park perfect for the kiddos. It's just an all-around great local park with so much to offer.

Newhall Community Park

Concord, California is blessed with many interesting historical landmarks that are worth a visit:

  • Don Salvio Pacheco Adobe 

  • Concord Historical Society

  • Don Fernando Pacheco Adobe 

  • Site Of The Murder Of Dr. John Marsh

  • Galindo Home Museum & Gardens

  • Port Chicago Naval Magazine National Memorial

  • Todos Santos Plaza

  • Markham Regional Arboretum

All of these wonderful landmarks are located just a short distance from our location located at 111 Arthur Road in Martinez, California! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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