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There are 8 Paso Nogal Park entrances and an open area. On Paso Nogal Lane, the main entrance is located. Others include Kiki Lane, Boies Drive, Gail Drive, Morello Avenue, Odin Drive, and Paso Nogal Court.

In general, the park and open space area is bordered to the south by Taylor Boulevard, east by Morello Avenue and north by Paso Nogal Lane.

This park is designated as an open space and provides a fenced area (2.5 acres), small picnic areas, and about 63 acres of scenic hiking trails in the dog training park.

Dogs must be AT ALL TIMES on a leash when in the fenced area of the off-leash dog park. The Open Space Hiking Trails are part of this policy. Please value those on the trails who may or may not appreciate your canine company's nice (or not-so-friendly) greeting. Open spaces for us to enjoy. Again, please always keep your dog on a leash.

A very big dog park surrounded by wonderful hiking trails! The dog park near the gates is well kept but a little dusty. However, it's very wide, which allows the dog plenty of space to run and play. The dogs and individuals are very polite and respectful of the boundaries of everyone, which helped make the experience very fun.

The trails are lovely, not too hard, and the views are amazing. Strategically positioned benches allow you to pause to take it all in for a moment. Without lots of people around, it's also nice to enjoy the experience.

Many changes have been made to Paso Nogal Dog Park. Six-foot fencing has essentially replaced the split rail fencing. The small park for dogs has been extended. Benches were added on the sides of both big and small dogs. On both sides of the park, there is an area to wash off a dog if needed. A porta potty has been extended to the dog park next to it.

Paso Nogal Park

The park is a dog park, and there were a fair number of dogs and owners there. As for the trail, it's short and there isn't a lot of elevation gain. Always a nice view overlooking the northern valley of Diablo, with views of Mine. Concord and Diablo. If you need a challenge, not a trail to take.

There is a big fenced area for bigger dogs and another for smaller dogs if you do not go on the hiking trails. The grounds are very green and they look preserved. At about noon, it gets pretty noisy. On a side lane, there is extra parking. People are all really sweet!

Pleasant Hill, California is blessed with some of the area’s best parks.  Don’t miss these incredible open spaces with your family:

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All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location located at 111 Arthur Road in Martinez, CA 94553! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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