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Pleasant Hill Park has a baseball/diamond softball, a court of basketball, shelters for picnics, tables for a picnic, and a playground field. Come and play in this lovely 16.5-acre park in Pleasant Hill's middle!

These are the facilities you will see there: 

  • Diamond softball

  • 3 reservable places for picnics

  • 1 open zone for picnics

  • court of basketball

  • 2 playgrounds for kids

  • Gardens in the Neighborhood

This is a nicely sized community park that, if the existence of a scoreboard is any indication, has, among other things, a gigantic lawn that can be used for baseball and softball games, and even football or other impromptu sports that involve nothing more than a wide, open, rectangular field.

Well-maintained basketball courts, picnic areas, parks, and playgrounds are also open. On a recent visit, by getting physical exercise in or getting some fresh air into the picnic areas, people took advantage of the nicely groomed outdoor space. Of course, all with social detachment.

This is a great community park, diagonally opposite Friendly Hill City Hall, situated on Gregory Lane and Cleaveland Avenue.

Pleasant Hill Park

It is a comprehensive park that includes the Pleasant Hill Swimming Pool, the Teen Center Pleasant Hill, the Office of Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District, and the Senior Center Pleasant Hill.

On Gregory Lane is the entrance to the broad parking lot. It can take a bit of time to circle around to find a parking space when it is a busy weekend. You can park on the street as well, however.

You can walk over to the aquatic complex, which has two pools and lessons for girls, from the parking lot.

There is a large covered picnic area walking past the pool, which is an ideal location for event parties, club bbqs, and family celebrations.

There are two baseball fields with a large soccer field sandwiched in between, looking out from the picnic area. As well as kids' leagues, there are local youth baseball leagues that play here. The City of Pleasant Hill also organizes outdoor activities here!

Nearby, there are also several basketball courts that are common.

There's still more in the park on the other side of the pool! There are two playgrounds that are very enjoyable and are loved by children. Plus, there is more open space for you to set up a picnic or host a birthday party for children.

There's a second parking area, but it's in front of the senior center, so there's decent parking for neighborhood park goers.

This is a beautiful park devoted to the local community.

Pleasant Hill, California is blessed with some of the area’s best parks.  Don’t miss these incredible open spaces with your family:

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  • Paso Nogal Park

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  • Dinosaur Hill Park

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  • Hidden Lakes Park

  • Len Hester Park


All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location located at 111 Arthur Road in Martinez, CA 94553! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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