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Can You Power Wash Stain Off A Fence?

Pressure washers are the best devices for washing large surfaces such as your siding, roof and fence. However they are strong and can cause harm if they are not used correctly. It's important to know what setting to use when cleaning your fence to remove just what you want from the soil. If you remove dirt and debris, use a lower setting that does not remove paint or damage the wall. However a higher setting is needed if you want to remove paint.


Before beginning your fence cleaning project, try your pressure washer in a small area out of sight. This will allow you to assess the best environment for your purposes. Since all pressure washers are different, with varying pressure levels and settings, it is important to find the one that does not remove more than you like. For washing, a lower setting with a larger spray is best; removing paint requires a higher-pressure, more direct spray.

Security is another aspect to remember before you start. Wear eyeglasses to cover the eyes while using a pressure washer. Debris can fly off the surface, and a misdirected spray can harm your eyes. Also never point the pressure washer to plants or animals that can be affected by a powerful current.


Until you start washing the pressure, prepare the area for ease. Remove any obstacles that can get in the way or pose a safety hazard. Also, cover or remove anything that could damage the pressed water, such as delicate plants or decorations. You should have simple, direct access to the fence area so that you don't need to pause and move things while you're trying to complete your project.


For wood and vinyl fencing that just needs to be washed, using a detergent with a pressure washer is the easiest way to get grime and dirt off your floor. Use the appropriate cleaner to clean the surface and wash the pressure. Most of the pressure washers have a cleaner reservoir and a soap nozzle built for this form of project. Apply soapy water from the bottom to the top of the fence using a brush to remove stains. You will need to do only a few panels at a time and then rinse before moving to the next place.

When the fence has been washed with a soap/water mix, it needs to be rinsed. Don't let the soapy water dry – make sure that it is rinsed until the soap dries on the surface. Start at the top and work your way down when you rinse. For wood fencing, be sure to work with a grain of wood to avoid damage to the surface. When you get to the bottom of the fence, be careful not to hit the dirt with the pressure washer stream; it will spill the mud on your freshly washed fence and make you work harder.


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