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Should I Pressure Wash My Fence Before Staining?

What is Pressure washing?

Pressure washing is a form of cleaning. People are confusing it with the method of washing strength. They're both pretty close, with a few variations. Power washers use hot water and pressure washers are flexible with water at any temperature.


Both can be used for different removal traits. The pressure washing method works well to clean the surface of the soil. It's recommended if your fence isn't too dirty or hurt. But if the fence has any serious problems, such as mold, in-ground soil, power washing would be the most powerful option of choice. Often use a washer as per your fence content i.e. wood, metal, vinyl, etc.

Why Pressure Washing a Fence Before Staining is Important?

You may think that adding a stain to a fence is the most important part of staining a fence, but that's not exactly the case. In fact, one of the most important steps of staining the fence is to clean the fence before applying the stain. The efficient and effective way to clean the fence before staining is via a washing machine.


So why is it so important to wash the pressure and clean the fence before staining it? Before adding any form of finish to a fence, including stains, you need to remove any old finish(s) and remove any dirt, dust, grime or other matter from the fence. If you don't, there is a strong risk that your new stain won't fit at all.


Pressure washing and cleaning the fence before staining would not allow the new stain to sit on top of the old stain and also on top of everything else that may have been sitting on the surface of the fence, causing the new stain to peel off prematurely instead of actually penetrating the wood.


Pressure that the fence is cleaned before staining often guarantees that blemishes are avoided that may be seen through the surface of the stain. In addition, the pressure wash before staining eliminates any debris collected between the wood that prevents mold and fungus from developing.


What will happen if you don't pressure wash the fence before staining?

So maybe you're still considering not having to wash your fence before staining. You're probably supposed to wash your fence before staining, and here's why.


If you don't have to wash your fence before staining, it's more than possible that the fresh stain doesn't reach the wood as it just sits on top of the old finish (es). Your new stain will peel off the wood, and it might look much less desirable than it did before. In addition, if you don't have to wash your fence before staining, you'll find even more blemishes and unwanted spots in the wood.


How do I clean a wood fence with a pressure washer?

First, make the requisite preparations before staining the wood. The minimum pressure required for the washer is 2500 PSI to remove any dirt particles effectively. It will give your fence a whole new look.

  • Check whether or not your fence needs extra cleaning. You have to wash it a lot with a bucket and a sponge, so do that if you need it. If your fence has extreme soil or mold, or if it faces harsh weather conditions, then it's the right time to use a pressure washer.

  • Now pick the best possible nozzle for your pressure washer so that each dirt particle can be removed in a gist and does not cause any harm.

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