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What Are The Different Types Of Fence Panels?

You are probably overwhelmed by the sheer number of styles on offer, from traditional to advanced fence types, when searching for a new fencing for your house. While some are useful for safety purposes, some are much better than decorative fences. However, it is not always easy to say exactly how these fence panels work, by looking at them. We will go over the different styles of fence panels in more depth.


Lattice Fencing

The Lattice fencing style provides something that goes beyond conventional models and looks fantastic in any kind of rural or suburban environments. Highly decorative and a perfect compañera for climbing plants are criss-cross, half-round wood blades.



Featherboards are easily recognisable by their overlapping structures and are one of the best clasp panels on the market. Moreover, because these panels are not segregated, they are a good choice for those who value protection and privacy over everything else.



Palisade fencing was perhaps the most iconic type of fencing known otherwise as picket fencing, and was distinguished by its vertical panels and gaps. Because the palatial fence looks fantastic in any kind of garden because of their modest, traditional, but still very attractive aesthetics. But the palisade clasp does not give the same safety advantage as, say, featherboard clasping.


Venetian Republic

Of course, Venetian fencing is one of the most appealing styles of fencing, and provides the ideal balance between good lighting and secrecy. The thin, horizontal lathes and small lacquers between them provide your garden with a smooth and unique setting, while the small lacquers between the panels provide light to reach your garden without offering too much view for your neighbours.



The intricate weaving of the panels providing protection and privacy are a beautiful choice for any garden. They still give a strong light, however. When the sun shines onto the fabric fence, the light and shadow effect on your garden can become quite interesting. Maybe one of the biggest advantages of the variety is that it looks fantastic on both sides, so you can stop all arguments with your neighbors, and both of you have a beautiful fence.

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