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What Do I Need To Know When Installing A Fence?

A fence will boost the appeal of your house, provide defense, increase privacy, and provide protection against the elements. But before you start building a fence, there are a few things you need to know first. Here are our top things you need to learn for planning , designing and constructing a fence for your house.


Check the Zoning Code and the HOA Regulations

Often in a specific neighborhood, a privacy fence is not permitted. Bear in mind that the laws vary from place to location. Take the time to think about the local laws before you start ordering supplies and digging post holes.


Check the zoning codes of your city to see if privacy fences are permitted in your area. If so, find out what height limits are in place. For example, you will only be able to build a fence 6 foot high in the backyard, and if you want a fence in the front, it may be much more limited. Also, learn if there are any rules on the materials allowed for the fence. You might also want to apply for a fence-building permit from your local city hall to ensure that everything is completed properly.


First, if your neighborhood has a HOA or a neighborhood group, find out about the rules. Even if fences are permitted in your area, they may not be allowed in your neighborhood, or the material and height rules may be unique to your neighborhood. If you fail to obey these instructions, you can be asked to knock down the fence, leaving you with a costly error.

Face Your Fence the Right Way

If you're constructing a privacy fence, make sure you know the way a wooden fence is going to face. The smooth, completed side of the fence is expected to face the neighbor. The side displaying the rails and posts should be on the inside. This is the traditional way to build a fence in the backyard. Not only would your property look better in this way, but your neighbor will appreciate your attention to detail.


Research the Property Line

Do you really know where the line of your property is? Take the time to research it before you start constructing. Although you may want protection from your neighbors to protect your family while you're away for extended periods of time, you don't want to cause a divide or make any disputes worse. Make sure you're building a fence on the property line or just on your foot. It's also a good idea to send your neighbors a head-up on your plans to build a fence, so they're not surprised when you start building.

Consider Fence Materials

A white picket fence is important, but before you buy wooden posts and whitewash, think about your dedication. Wood fences can require occasional staining or sealing, and may warp and rot over time. Consider a low-maintenance material, such as vinyl, that offers the appearance of wood without an elbow grease. Other content choices are titanium, brass, wrought iron and bamboo.


Space the Posts Properly

Spacing the posts is probably the most critical aspect in constructing a privacy fence so that it can withstand the effects of the weather. You need to space the fence posts precisely 8 feet apart to match most of the fence designs. The 8-foot fence helps avoid sagging and helps increase the resilience of the fence against wind and other weather conditions.


Call for Utility Marking

Before you start searching for a message, call your 811 call center in your state. The 811 call center can send someone to mark the utility lines in your yard, so you can prevent a tragedy when you start digging. No one needs a gas or a power line to dig and nick.

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