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What Wood Is Best For A Fence?

Wood is commonly preferred for fencing over aluminum or vinyl. Not all types of wood are equal and your fence's best wood depends on the characteristics you want such as red strength, appearance and durableness as well as budget. In this article, we will talk about the type of tree that is best fenced.


A wooden fence adds greatly to every building. For protection, safety, noise reduction or its attractive appearance, you can build a fence. Then what kind of wood are you going to use? It depends on how long you expect to stay in your house, your environment and budget. 


All Around Choice: CEDAR WOOD

An all around choice of fencing wood because it contains natural oils that dissuade insects. Cedar wood is a midway choice best suited to a small budget and is also rot resistant to other wood forms, giving it a longer life span. Cedar is not gray in color when treating it with finishes such as paint and wood stains, which improve the life span. Even if some people consider painting acrylic cedar in order to protect against the elements, the majority of woodworkers would prefer to stain it because the natural beauty of the woods is best preserved.


Cheapest Choice: PINE WOOD

If you have a small budget or your neighbor has declined to divide the substitute bill, pine is the best option. The wood belongs to the group of "pressure-treated" wood, meaning synthetic chemicals have been used to prolong its lifespan and avoid pests and fungus.


However, this process has some drawbacks. Pine under pressure has a lime-green hue which is noticeable in some angles. This impact will definitely dissipate with time, and you can still paint it if you are still concerned with the appearance of your fence.



The redwood style for wood fencing is probably the most commonly used and even though it does not cost much, the quality of redwood, durability and esthetic value make it one of the best choices. Though redwood is resistant to insects and red, the dye, ideally clear colour, should still be used to maintain its beauty, prevent grayish color due to aging and improve its insect resistance and redness. Constant humidity, freezing, thawing and dryness will harm the redwood.




  • Be sure to treat your fence with a weatherproof solution to protect against moisture and very low or high temperatures. The finish should also contain UV protection, which will retain the natural color of the wood longer. Clean and refinish the fence every other year to preserve its appearance.


  • Often use pressure-treated wood if appropriate. This wood has undergone a process in which chemicals that protect the wood from insects and decay are pushed into the wood, making it last longer.


  • Have wooden fence posts mounted correctly to restrict wood-to-soil exposure. This protects against the failure of the fence post due to rot.

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