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Picture Frame Fencing

Both Picture Frame Board on Board and Picture Frame Louvered fencing provide an optimal privacy barrier, while remaining aesthetically pleasing from both sides, making these styles of fencing the most neighbor friendly.

Picture Frame Board-on-Board

Picture Frame Louvered

Picture Frame Butted


Lattice provides varying degrees of additional privacy, depending on the style. Lattice will set your fence apart and allow you to add a personal touch to your fence design. 

Diagonal Lattice

Privacy Lattice

Square Lattice

Piano Key Lattice

Arched Piano Key Lattice

Horizontal Fencing

Horizontal fencing is perfect for those trying to add a modern touch to their landscaping. 

Nail-on Fencing

Whether the vertical slats are placed right next to each other or spaced apart for a more open, but less private look, all three variations of nail-on fencing provide an inexpensive and traditional option.

Nail-on Dog Ear

Nail-on Board-on-Board

Nail-on Flat Top

Shadow Box Fencing

Shadow Box fencing allows airflow between the vertical slats, making this style of fence ideal for high wind areas. Another advantage of Shadow Box fencing is that it's identical on either side, making it neighbor friendly. 

Picket Fencing

Frequently used to contain children and pets, the picket fence is a functional and decorative way to establish a barrier without disrupting your view. 

Ranch Rail Fencing

Ranch Rail Fencing provides a low maintenance and cost effective way to create a closed yard with a simple design.

Wire Fencing

Both Hog Wire and Deer Fencing are popular ways to protect your yard from unwanted visitors, while maintaining an open and natural feel.

Hog Wire


Custom Projects

Contact our team for any custom project. We are happy to work with you to put together the perfect design for you!

Custom projects


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