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Hidden Lakes Park is located at Chilpancingo Parkway, Morello Lane. The 26-acre park has two ball fields, basketball court, sand volleyball court, a multi-use area, a jogging track, building concessions, a bathroom, two playgrounds, trails to and around the lake and Secret Valley Park, and a large parking lot. First come first serve are all picnic areas.

Great family-friendly park if you have children, as there are a variety of active choices (playground, trails, soccer, baseball, basketball, etc). This is a cool, clean park that's ideal for social picnics. There are lots of parking spaces & toilets for them.

If you're only hiking for fun or an extreme workout, the hills are perfect for people who enjoy hiking. There are several hills, some of which are steeper than others.

The playgrounds were closed off, but the monkey bars were used by a few guys as their work-out field. There was a soccer field, too, were a couple of guys were playing.

There are two baseball fields on the other side of the park, a basketball court, a sand volleyball pit, and a football field! There are picnic areas on both sides, but along Center Ave, the side I'm calling Secret Valley Park has a larger playground with more play structures and much larger picnic areas, both reserved spots and unreserved picnic areas, completely fitted with easy hand crank grills on massive barbecues.

This is the perfect place to have a birthday party for your child or bring your family for a picnic, take the dog for a stroll, or get some regular exercise like I'm trying to do. There are always families around Hidden Valley/Lakes and dog owners out and about, so it always feels really safe.

It's most beautiful when the winter/spring grass is lush, but at any time of year, it's still a peaceful and rejuvenating location.

Take the trail behind the soccer field to get to the pool. There are several roads, but after about ten minutes, Lake Will is on your left. A lot of green algae, but as you go along, it gets better. You can find more flatlands/bench/people fishing on the other side when you can see the waterfall. This is a pleasant spot, like a park, a walk, a peaceful place.

Hidden Lakes Park

In a suburban neighborhood in Martinez, a beautiful location for a quick walk. You can enter the secret lakes from the parking lots in either direction in a brief 10-minute walk. The park has a modern and spectacular soccer field. They are fitted with a snack shack, adequate parking, and toilets. Baseball diamonds and a playing structure are also present. The paths to the hills and secret lake lie, if you walk behind them. If you want a little elevation or an easy walk through the trails, it's great that you can customize it. The pond is lovely and you can even go fishing there. With the trees, ponds, and bridges in this park, there are several photo ops.

You will be taken back by how beautiful the landscape is; lush green trees, a pretty little lake, and just enough small paths to venture through; provided with a few nice steep hills to add a little boost to your workout.

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All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location located at 111 Arthur Road in Martinez, CA 94553! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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