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CITY PARK USE: The current Contra Costa County Health Order continues to allow playgrounds, tennis courts, and skate parks to be used, but it also retains the following park and leisure facilities restrictions:

Not permitted: Use of leisure areas with high-touch facilities or assembly areas outside your home. This includes areas for picnics and barbecues, dog parks, and facilities for outdoor gyms.

Preparation before visiting a state park unit is important due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Plan ahead before leaving home.

Although State Parks have expanded access to some park units, it does not mean that recreation is back to normal in the outdoors, and visitors should be aware that there will be a different view of the state park than they are used to. To find out if it is open if parking is available if camping reservations can be reserved and what new visitor rules are in place, be sure to check the website of your local outdoor destination.

Please try to remain local and practice 6 foot or more of physical distance. Just people within your immediate home should include your guests, which means no guests or relatives, and no meetings, picnics or parties. Visitors are asked to leave if there are too many individuals to allow for the physical distance necessary.


Individuals in California must wear face coverings while they are outside in public spaces, according to California Department of Public Health recommendations on face coverings, if physical distance is not possible.


Be ready. Not all toilets are open to the public. Pack all the garbage with soap/sanitizer.

Covid Safety for Parks in Pleasant Hill, California

MASKS are required for anyone over 2 years old when structures are played on and around the park!

  • Stay 6 ft away!

  • No food or alcohol in the playground

  • Wash Your Hands

  • Stop crowding on structures for play

  • If sick, stay home (or higher risk)

  • Share room (30 minute visit limit)

  • For one household or living unit, sports fields, in-fields, dugouts, basketball courts and bocce courts are available. No household mixing and no foods or drinks

  • The bathrooms in the park are available during the day but close at night.

Pleasant Hill, California is blessed with some of the area’s best parks.  Don’t miss these incredible open spaces with your family:

  • Pleasant Hill Park

  • Rodgers-Smith Park

  • Paso Nogal Park

  • Frank Salfingere Park

  • Dinosaur Hill Park

  • Vista Montañas Park

  • Brookwood Park

  • Hidden Lakes Park

  • Len Hester Park

All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location located at 111 Arthur Road in Martinez! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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