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Rodgers-Smith Park is part of the Parks and Park District of Pleasant Hill and is on Grayson Lane (off Taylor). Although the park is easily visible from this busy road, it is also kind of off the beaten path and is certainly a "Hidden Gem".

The park occupies 4.5 acres and has a soccer field, a sand volleyball court, a spacious play area for children, surface courts, picnic/barbecue areas, lighted bocce courts, and plenty of trees, shade, and parking.

For company picnics, family reunions, and barbecues, this beautiful park is perfect! With barbecue, softball/sports field, sand volleyball court, surfaced basketball court, lighted bocce courts, the park offers a reservable picnic area.

It's a good park with plenty of grass. The park is good, but the playground equipment is dated. This is a very tidy park that’s easy for anyone to use. The people are good, and they let me pet their pets. They seem to have a very active culture, their positive thing, there.

It's sort of a fun park. There are gorgeous trees and a terrific baseball ground. Children love to play and laugh. Surrounded by tall trees, leaving the tops of the hills in the background to the area's wall and leaving you feeling in all directions that it's all park. It's never a busy place or full of people who live in the park.

This is a pretty park indeed. Perfect for a picnic, and while playing some outdoor games, have some BBQ. This is a decent park, but the parking is restricted and not too big. However, it is kept very clean and seems safe. This is a tidy, nice community park. Tables and benches are accessible both under the trees and under the cover. There is accessible playground equipment for children. 

This is a nice venue for a birthday party or a game of baseball. You will notice a very good playground in the park, clean and well maintained. There are lots of shade, perfect for the play structure for children under 5!

The fact that there's a shaded playground is cool. This is just one of the incredible parks in Pleasant Hill. The bocce courts are in fine shape. 

For soccer practices and baseball games mainly. The playground is fun. Any upgrading could be included in the bathrooms.

After the storm, a thankful place walked because it's paved, fantastic Benicia Bridge views. Leagues play most nights in the week from Spring to Fall, but you can reserve the picnic area and/or the bocce courts for fun daytime activities. It is a fun spot to take a walk with your dog.

Rodgers-Smith Park

They are all local residents and have a quiet environment. Not a lot of shade on a cooler day in the summer. The water/sand area and, of course, the structure would be loved by children. The Pleasant Hill Park nearby, which is enjoyable but very busy, is much more mellow than that.

This place was terrific! To play soccer, they have a completely grassed area or they have a baseball field set up. With sand and all, they even have a volleyball set up there too. Everything of the children played while the adults were sitting and visiting. The good thing was that we could see where the kids were playing, no matter where they were.

Pleasant Hill, California is blessed with some of the area’s best parks.  Don’t miss these incredible open spaces with your family:

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All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location located at 111 Arthur Road in Martinez, CA 94553! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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